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Global Sustainable Aviation Conclave
Chapter 2

27 September 2024 (Friday)

Research and Innovation Park, IIT Delhi, India

Registration Opening Soon

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Mr. Praveen Sankaran
Mobile: +91 93463 70858
Aviakul Group of Companies
About GSAC 2024

Aviation industry has made significant progress in fuel and CO2 efficiency, halving the amount of fuel used per flight compared to 1990. In other words, our flight today would generate just 50% the CO2 compared to the same flight back in 1990. This has been achieved through technological advancement and improvements in operations and infrastructure. Overall emissions from aviation have risen though, as the volume of air traffic (both passenger and cargo) has increased. Most growth has occurred in emerging economies, as they begin to reap the benefits of air travel.


Any growth that is not sustainable is a threat to its very existence. Sustainable aviation seeks solutions to improve the environmental and societal impacts of air transportation. It aims to reduce aviation’s contribution to climate change through new practices and radical innovation. It can cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to highly efficient aircraft designs, novel propulsion systems, green aircraft technologies, and energy-optimized flight operations to reduce aircraft energy consumption, noise, and emissions.


Although there is no Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target on mobility, the aviation industry plays a major role in support of the SDGs. Through day-to-day aviation operations, the sector can be empowered to support SDG topics. Working in partnership with governments and intergovernmental institutions will contribute to achieving future growth with the highest levels of efficiency and sustainability. The long-term sustainability of aviation can be ensured, through partnerships focused on addressing aviation’s GHG emissions, developing ambitious coherent action plans, inventing cutting edge technologies and using sustainable fuels


Aviakul has been established by young Aviation Professionals and Business Leaders with years of market experience, with the sole agenda of pioneering the transformation to bring Self-reliance in Indian Aviation Ecosystem. Aviakul’s mission is to bridge the knowledge gap through its outreach activities such as Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Webinars, Events etc., hence promoting Aviation Awareness at a grass-root level. Organizing conferences of international nature addressing this issue in the Capital of India will motivate and promote the zeal to invent cutting edge technologies and make India a leader in defining the path for the said industry.

Who should attend?
  • Aviation Industry Professionals

  • Sustainability Experts

  • Science & Technology Students

  • Aviation Enthusiasts

  • Policy Makers

  • Diplomats

  • Bureaucrats

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